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BlizzCMS is a free, easy-to-use, open-source CMS developed for private World of Warcraft communities. The base is composed of the framework CodeIgniter 3 and for the UI with UIKit 3.


What emulators does it support?

The supported emulators in the CMS are the following:

  • AzerothCore
  • MaNGOS
  • TrinityCore
  • TrinityCore (SHA Hash)

What languages does it support?

The supported languages in CMS are the following:

  • English (en)
  • Spanish (es)


If you need a different language from the list above, you can contribute to the translation of that language and submit a pull request with the files. For more information, you can see How to translate into another language

What features can I find in it?

In the latest released versions, you can find the following features:

  • Login
  • Registration
  • News
  • Custom pages
  • Modularity

And many more features! 🎉

We are also open to suggestions that may be possible to add or improve, so you can open an issue in our repositoryopen in new window.

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